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SlamCMS CMS Setup

The CMS consistents of SharePoint components and publishing sites. Setup is accomplished via a set of batch and powershell scripts.

Before running setup.bat the configuration values in setup.config should be edited. Setup.config provides settings that will determine what and how components will be installed by setup.bat.


  1. Create a MS SQL Server database for use by the SlamCMS front-end and publishing sites.
  2. If not using an existing SharePoint web applcation, create a SharePoint web application that will contain the site collection used by SlamCMS.

Setup Configuration

  1. SolutionDirectory is the path of the SlamCMS solution directory.
  2. PublishingSiteUrl is the URL of the SharePoint site collection to be used for these SlamCMS publishing sites.
  3. ConnectionString is the connection string that will be used by these SlamCMS publishing sites.
  4. ImportDirectory is the name of a directory containing files used for importing sites and setting up the database specified in the connection string above. By default this is the "Demo" directory.

Setup Process

Setup.bat performs the following setups:
  1. Creates a new site collection at the URL specified in setup.config.
  2. Registers shared DLLs in global assembly cache (GAC).
  3. Deploys Slam.wsp to site collection specified in setup.config.
  4. Deploys SlamCms.SharePoint.wsp to site collection specified in setup.config.
  5. Imports sites defined in import.xml found in the import directory specified in setup.config.
  6. Imports content defined in import.xml found in the import directory specified in setup.config.
  7. Runs database.sql found in the import directory specified in setup.config.

Once you've completed the SharePoint setup, you can continue with the Front-End Setup Steps

SlamCMS SharePoint Solution Contents

Slam Fields
  • CKEditor Field
  • Enhanced File Upload Field
  • Feature On Field
  • Filtered Lookup Field
  • Fixed Value Field
  • Form Redirect Field
  • Slam ID / Preview Link Field
  • Tag Field
  • Uneditable Field
  • Zone-Site Lookup Field

Publishing Tools
  • Publish Button
  • Save Pending Approval Button

  • Comments Counter
  • Comments Manager
  • Publisher Manager
  • Publishing Content (Home)
  • Publishing Content (Site)
  • Publishing Site Links
  • Tag Manager

Migration Tools

SlamCMS.SharePoint leverages these open source projects:

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walker2030 Jan 16, 2013 at 9:00 AM 
When I excecute install.bat (with admin privilegies) the task cannot import content.sql due to FK restrictions. I try to install Slam on Windows 7 x64 SP1, MS SQL Express 2008 R2 SP1, SP Foundation 2010. What is a problem?

ajoyzworld Nov 7, 2012 at 12:27 PM 
I am getting error in First Step(CMS Set Up Steps) when i am trying to run setup.bat file.Before that i have created database in sql server,SharePoint web application and edit the Setup.config file.The error in the management shell actually showing some sql connection related issue .So please show me proper step with description that to complete CMS SetUp Steps.